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Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Security - Built on a secure website platform to deter security threats and vulnerabilities. Easy access to the places you need to login most often.
  • Streamlined Navigation - All the information you need prominently displayed and a click away.
  • Responsive - Adapts to fit whatever screen you are viewing from – mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • Banner Alerts - Important notifications and alerts will appear at the top of the homepage.
  • Optimized - Pages are designed to load quickly to get you where you want to go.

We are now .BANK

Our new website is designed to be easier to navigate to find the information you need at a glance and also provide optimum security for our visitors. When you see clearmountain.bank, you can be assured you are on our official website. Keep reading to find out more!

For security purposes our email addresses and website URL now end in ‘.BANK’ instead of ‘.com’; look for the ‘.BANK’ before interacting with any email or website of ours. 


  • .BANK replaces open domains, like .com (which can be purchased by anyone, for any reason) and quickly authenticates that the website or email is legitimately from a bank. You can interact with confidence when you see the ‘.BANK’ at the end of an email address or website URL.
  • Banks must undergo a multi-step verification and authentication process to obtain a .BANK domain, ensuring bad actors can’t get .BANK domains to use in phishing and spoofing cyberattacks.
  • Banks must set up multiple layers of cybersecurity requirements, which are continuously monitored, to use their .BANK domain, ensuring the bank has enhanced security against the most common cyberattacks impacting the bank and its customers.

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