Dedicated to Supporting our Local Communities

As a locally-owned community bank, Clear Mountain Bank understands the importance of providing service and support to the communities we serve. As our saying goes, we have roots where others have branches. And because of that, Clear Mountain Bank is committed to volunteering and supporting the many organizations in our community, as we have done for more than 125 years.

One such way is through our Clear Mountain Cares initiative. As part of this program, each team member is given one paid day off from work to volunteer for an organization of their choice. Not only does this help support the community, but also allows each team member to select the organization that they are passionate about, as well.

To us, this commitment is driven from one of our five core values — Local Community Focus, which states “We care deeply about our communities. We invest our time, talents, and resources to build better communities in which to live, work, and raise families.”

2022 Clear Mountain Cares Video

We completed the fifth year of our Clear Mountain Cares volunteer program in which each employee gets a paid day off to volunteer for the organization of their choice. 

Cumulative Local Impact of our Clear Mountain Cares Program:


Hours Volunteered




Organizations Served

Community Support

In addition to our commitment to volunteering and having our team play active roles within the community, Clear Mountain Bank also continues to help and support a number of organizations and fundraising drives each year.

Being an independent community bank is about more than having branch locations in the area. At Clear Mountain Bank, we believe it’s about getting involved and supporting the growth and development of our region. We believe in honoring our communities past, supporting and enhancing current needs, and working to build a better future.

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