Manage your business credit card program with ease.

SpendTrack is a robust online credit card program management platform that makes tracking and understanding your business' card spend easy and informative.

  • Promote higher employee engagement with easy-to-use expense tools.
  • Enable quicker expense approvals via organized workflows.
  • Drive better business decisions with insights into spend trends, merchant spend, and credit line usage.
  • Control spend with tools for financial controls and audit documentation.
  • Reduce overhead with cardholder self-service tools.

Drive better business decisions and optimize operational efficiencies with SpendTrack

SpendTrack enables your business to issue credit cards to your employees and fully manage your credit card program online. Operations are optimized through the delivery of information that helps you clearly understand the performance of your program and where funds are being spent. SpendTrack’s superior user experience supports all roles within business, through its easy-to-use, integrated capabilities.


  • Quick expense filing and approvals
  • Statement access and payments
  • Visibility into spend trends and credit line use 
  • Spend breakdowns by department or payment group
  • Real-time card controls 
  • Spending control and reduced overhead with self-service cardholder tools


  • Easy to use and manage
  • Self-service platform for cardholders
  • Streamlined request process for increasing spend limits and merchant types
  • Reporting lost or stolen cards 
  • Statement access and payments 
  • Insight into spend trends 
  • Faster expense filing

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